To Outsource or Not to Outsource

Outsourcing Hiring a third party

Photo Credits from www.Businessnewsdaily.comTo outsource or not to outsource? That is the question. But before discussing that, let’s first define what is outsourcing. To put it simply, outsourcing means hiring a third party to handle a particular area of your business.

Now, there are actually many combined factors that would determine whether going for a third party to handle your company’s customer service affairs would be a wise move or not.

1. How much will you save?

Study how much your company is paying for your current customer care and compare it with how much the cost would be if you outsource. Include all possible factors involved from salary and training of employees, supply and equipment purchases, cost of payroll taxes, human resources and employee benefits.

2. How complex is your organization?

Although it’s widely known that outsourcing your customer service saves you money, this isn’t always the case. If the service you’re planning to outsource involves handling complicated technical issues, it may be better to have your own customer service so as to make sure that issues are resolved the right way. Moreover, this lessens the chances of complicating the process if you need to transfer your caller from one department to another.

3. How much time would it take to resolve issues?

How much would hiring a third party to handle your customer service issues affect your everyday operations? Who will it free up? In the end, you need to weigh not just the costs, but the benefits as well.

4. What does your customer need?

If your customers demand a service that you can’t provide with your current resources, this is one sign that hiring a third party to handle your customer service is a good move. Have you noticed that your customers call at a time when your employees are not around? Do they ask for a service that your staff doesn’t offer? With outsourcing, you can provide customer support 24/7.

So what factor applies best to you? Is it just one or more? If it turns out to be the latter, outsourcing might just be the ideal solution for you to provide excellent customer service.