What Made the Philippines the World’s Top Outsourcing Destination?

philnews.phWhile reading this article, there’s every chance the company you’re working for may be in an an offshore outsourcing partnership with the Philippines. If self-employed, there’s also the likelihood of connecting with a Filipino worker who works for you directly. Either way though, we’d like to say congratulations on making the right choice of tapping  into the world’s top outsourcing destination to handle a portion of your company’s business processes.

But what exactly made this country reach that milestone? This article discusses the factors that led to this unanimous worldwide acknowledgment.

1. Proficiency in English

Undoubtedly, any voice-based task, such as customer service, calls for excellent English speaking abilities and comprehension. The good news is a vast majority of Filipinos speak English as their second language. Because they have learned it since childhood and speak it everyday in their schools, as it’s the language used when discussing lessons, it’s no surprise that they are very fluent. What’s more, Filipinos speak it with little noticeable accent.

2. Education

With over 360,000 university graduates every year and many having high honors at that, it’s no surprise that this country is practically 95% literate. Achieving and finishing a four-year degree in college is very important in Philippine culture as they consider it to be a good preparatory ground for the real work challenges that await them when they graduate.

3. Friendliness

When it comes to customer service skills, the Filipinos have proven themselves to be friendly, cheerful, cooperative and more importantly, tolerate with customers. When taking calls, they possess a calm and steady attitude that they can maintain even if the customer calling is irate. Such good skills in communication are what keeps customers appeased, especially when he or she has an issue with a product or service.

4. Location

A tropical country of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is an archipelago composed of more than 7000 islands, strategically situated at the crossroads of major intercontinental travel routes off mainland Asia’s southwest coast. Whether traveling for business or shipping of products, access to the islands of the Philippines is relatively simple and convenient.

6. Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the Philippines include abundant supply of power generation and all telecommunication facilities. Not only are these up-to-date, they are likewise maintained well. What keeps the country’s system of communication running smoothly are fiber optic cables and satellite networks.

7. Diverse Talents

Outsourcing to the Philippines and getting excellent results at low salaries makes it the perfect offshore outsourcing partner.

Some of these jobs include customer service, web design and development, graphic and flash design, animation, software development, SEO specialization, content writing, transcription, creative writing, technical support and many more.