Call Center Outsourcing to the Philippines

Strategically situated at the heart of Cebu City’s Business Park, Customer Benefit Svcs, Inc., (CBS) is an American owned and operated call center outsourcing company providing support for a variety of international clients.

Catering to each of their demands with quality and prompt service, CBS has established itself to be among the most trusted call centers in the Philippines. There are actually many developing countries, like India and South America, that are offering the same services but overall, outsourcing to the Philippines remains a top choice among American firms because of these reasons:

1. Filipinos speak fluent English
This is the main reason why Philippines is always the preferred choice among developed countries when it comes to call center outsourcing. Filipinos don’t just speak English fluently, they have clear and easy-to-understand accent as well. This means that when they are talking to your customers, there is better understanding and there’s a greater chance for issues to be resolved faster.

2. You can concentrate on core business needs.
Just attending to phone calls the entire day will prevent you from doing other tasks; however, having your call center agents attend to customer calls will allow you to focus on more crucial aspects of your business. You can certainly spend more time on brand improvement and client deals.